Clothing Men

Clothing for men was quite similar to that for women. Linen and wool were the major fabrics used prior to the availability of Cotton in the mid 19th century. Variations of the following items would have been in common use as clothing in Connemara into the 20th century.  Leine Fir : Long linen tunic as for female   Ionar Fir : Tunic made of wool  Brat : Rectangular woollen cloak, fringe. Same as the wearers height. Trius : Knee length trousers  Osain : Tight trousers similar to hose, with a stirrup under the foot.  Inar : Jacket which was short and could be sleeveless or short sleeved.  Short cloak : Should only reach to below the waist. Full length brat should not be combined with jacket and trews.  Broga : Leather shoes, Either one piece or else sole and upper.  Brat : Long cloak, about same length as wearers height  Leine Fir : Which seems to have been worn gathered about the waist when working or fighting.  Crois : Belt, usually of leather but could be of woven wool.   In the late 19th century the availability of ready made clothes and shoes from the factories of Ireland and England  had a major impact and change the types of fabric and clothing available and worn by people.   Equally important was the introduction of catalogue buying that followed the introduction of an affordable postal service in Ireland in 1840.