Lough Pibrum Lake Creature 1974

Lough Pibrum (Pybeln) is a mountain lake, located in Glanmore - a 15 minute drive from Carna village.In the 1970s three local men cutting turf spotted a large black creature in the late. They also saw what the describe as a "trail of slime" leading to the lake from nearby high ground.Lough Pybeln is located near Carna and Kilkerrin, between two mountains. The event took place in the summer sometime in the 1970s.  The man explained to that he'd been cutting turf with his father and cousin near the lake around 8pm when they noticed a large 40 foot object out in the lake.  It resembled the bottom of a pucan (type of boat) "turned upside down, just about to submerge".  There's one factor from this sighting that stands out in particular: they saw "slime" from the mountain down to the lake.